Don't believe a thing that you read in the papers
Don't listen to the lies they tell on TV
Don't trust in those high-handed legislators
This whole world has lost its morality

Your present is Bokor
Your future is Bokor
You all need your Bokor
The legion of Bokor
Your way out is Bokor
Your savior is Bokor
So follow your Bokor
The legion of Bokor

Oil's more precious today than blood's ever been
Weapons matter more than some dead child
Facing daily news should make you scream
But their dazing prevents you from running wild

They use you as a tiny part of their mind games
Want to tell you what is good or bad
Come into the secure warmth of my flames
I'll show you my point of view instead



When I wake up in the morning
And I turn around
And you are lying next to me
I wanna smash you to the ground
But instead of hurting you I just
Break down and cry
Because I can't see
The reason why
I love you just as much
As you hate me
And why you will still not
Set me free
Let me be, care for me
Just once in your life
But I bet that you'll be

You'll be cutting out
Another piece of my heart
You're gonna spit on it
You're gonna tear it apart
And you are not gonna stop as long as
You are with me
And you threatened me to be
For eternity

It is a giant step for me
A small one for mankind
Whatever happens to be
Is gonna ease my mind
It's gonna brighten up my life
Every second that is left
And even if I'm never gonna
Recover from your theft
I will be able to sleep tight
To rest in peace
You just have to come real close
So if you please
And although I know that you are
Much stronger than I am
I know that I'll have to succeed or...



You want to be richer than anybody else
You want more power and a bigger car
Oh boy, I bet you'd just love to be king, right
You know what
You've already got your ticket
Down to Zombietown

If you decide to give in
To your deepest needs
You'll be hanging around
Forever here in Zombietown

Wear your fuckin' suit and wear you fuckin' tie
And go to fuckin' work for 9 to fuckin' 5
Man, you're so boring
You don't have a life
But you've already got your ticket
So, come into my arms

Oh, little girl, you want to be a supermodel
Well take a look at yourself
You ain't as pretty as you think you are
Sure, you can get plastic surgery, have big tits
Get upon the catwalk
But you're selling your integrity
I am ready for you



Whenever I see you
I want to bring you down
It makes me happy
When I can make you frown
Whenever you're near me
I want to touch your neck
I want to squeeze it
Until I hear it break

I'm only human
So stay away from me
For your own safety
You'd better let me be
Take my advice babe
And run away real quick
'cause I want to see
Your head stuck on a stick

I want you DEAD

If I had just one
More moment left in life
I'd have to make sure
That you are air-deprived
Unless it's proved that
Your ass is all deceased
I won't be able
To go and rest in peace



At the end of time your fear is rising
The blood red sun is disappearing in the void
The stars explode as the horizon
Begins to crumble down it vanishes in the dust
The atmosphere is volatilizing
Essential oxygen is suctioned into space
You start to fall as gravitation
Is getting insubstantial and leaves you alone

This is the day of the apocalypse
Whatever is existing
Will be swept away
It's the beginning of the end of your world
No one survives so better
Be prepared to die

Flowers that bloom suddenly wither
Like every one of you they're ozonized to steam
Volcanos scream, they're bleeding lava
And every stone on earth is turning into dust
The oceans boil, mainland is crying
Tectonic plates collide disfiguring the globe
Your bodies burn, your eyes are melting
You're full of pain so you are longing to be dead



I don't want those skinheads around me, no
I can't stand blank heads on the street
I hate girls with just skin on their skulls
To me they are just a hairless breed

Your hair's got to be long
Your hair's got to belong to me

Get those fucking dwarfs out of my sight
Those midgets are a pain for me to see
I don't want to know 'bout their scaly heads
Keep those shorties away from me

Your legs've got to be long
Your legs have got to belong to me

Everything that you are
Everything that you have is mine

Your feet your knees
Your hands your teeth
Your tits your filthy dreams
Your nose your lips
Your ears your hips
Your thoughts your loudest screams
Your head your chin
Your ass your skin
Your eyes your petty face
Your cheeks your back
Your chest your neck
It's all mine



Take a look at you, take a look at me
What have we become, are you too blind to see
You have to understand our time has just passed by
So come and take my hand, shut up and stop to cry

Run away
Run away with me
To the place
Where we are meant to be
Run away
Run away with me
To the place
Where we are finally free

Let's bail!

There's no need to curse, there's no need to cry
We don't even have to go and say goodbye
Come on, let's break away and leave it all behind
You know exactly babe, what I've got on my mind

The scars on my face
Are the trophies of my fight
The rope around your neck
Is so damned tight
I know that you wanna feel
That sharp knife on your skin
'cause it's the only way to get out
Of this shit you are in
Wherever you're gonna go
I'm gonna follow you for sure
'cause our love is so real
And so strong and so pure
So trust me baby
And gimme your hand
You and I are gonna bail
To a far-away land



Your body's getting cold
Your face is turning white
Your eyes are empty and
They're looking my way

Your head is close to mine
We touch like lovers do
With just the difference that we
Don't feel that touch anymore

Your spirit disappeared
It left with mine last night
Our cages of flesh and bones are
Lying here on the floor

You're still so beautiful
In such a gruesome way
'cause all that's finally left
Is just the total decay

The maggots in our heads
Devour our past
They digest everything we knew
And everything that we've been

And I wonder who's gonna come to my funeral
So many laughed at me, now who's gonna cry
And I wonder if we will meet again on the other side
Will you remember me or will you just walk by
And I wonder who's gonna come to my funeral
So many laughed at me, now who's gonna cry
And I wonder if they will take us to a cemetery
Or are they just gonna leave our bodies here
Leave our bodies here and let them rot



I love Freddy Krueger's scratching at my door
I love to see blood all over the floor
I love a big hairy spider on my head
I love to see me from above when I am dead

I love a big, sharp knife inside my back
I love an axe that is kissing my neck
I love ice cold body parts on my shoulder
And I love cadavers smell as they're getting older

I wanna be your private nightmare
I wanna be your f*cking nightmare
I wanna be your goddamned nightmare
Let me be your nightmare

I adore serial killers like Jack The Ripper
Far more than red Santa I like the black Reaper
And crippled children are nice to see
Makes me feel quite a strange kind of ecstacy

I want a nuclear power plant near my home
I wanna starve till death in the desert, alone
I enjoy crimson spots drippin' down from my face
And I love seeing mankind destroying the human race



Living on lies
Your days are numbered day by day
Looking in your eyes
You'll see there's so much pain
Living in disguise
To keep your cover, so they say
To keep the mesmerized forever
You are going to pay

Why are you saying what you're saying
When you know that it ain't true
Why are you lying for reliance
Disappointment is upon you
Why are you doing what you're doing
When you know it is all wrong
Why are you doing what you're doing
'cause you've done it all along

It's never a surprise
If you'll remember in this game
That you're born with a price
And it's up to you to change
Living in your lies
Your days are numbered day by day
And looking in your eyes
You'll discover that you're not the same

Shut the fuck up
I don't wanna hear your lies anymore
Shut the fuck up
You're a camouflaged deceit to the core
Shut the fuck up
Everyone disdains what you're going for
Shut the fuck up
I don't wanna hear your lies



You think you're so wonderful, the fairest fairy of them all
You think you're so powerful, the strongest brick in every wall
You think you're so beautiful, the hottest chick in every town
You think you're so funny, you can take away a dead man's frown

You do believe that all that's true
Everyone has to worship you
Everyone thinks you are the queen
You are so smart and cute and keen

Oh baby, there's one thing I have to tell you
Oh baby, there is something you should know

On the day that you were born your mother tried to run away
Every boy you've ever kissed immediately turned to gay
Every girl you've ever talked to wants to just rip off your face
Even your dear granny knows that you're the ultimate disgrace

Nobody likes you, can't you see
Everyone hopes, you'll let them be
Every time you come to stop by
Everyone start to curse and cry

Oh baby, there's one thing I have to tell you
Oh baby, there is something you should know


I don't wanna see you! I don't wanna hear you!
I don't wanna feel you! So just go away and die!
I don't wanna smell you! I don't wanna taste you!
I don't wanna know you! So just go away and die!

Baby you're so ugly that it even scares blind men to death
Baby you're so smelly that a pig would draw its final breath
Baby please shut up 'cause your voice makes my brain come through my ears
Baby when I touch you it feels like you're aged two hundred years

You'd make a heathen think of wraiths
You'd make the pope lose all his faith
You'd make a monster run away
You'd even make the devil pray